Surviving Ubuntu's perpetual out of space boot partition

I'm somewhat guilty of just using the default partitioning schemes when installing recent versions of Ubuntu (currently 16.04 LTS). I don't want to bother with manually setting up LVMs and encrypted partitions and segregating log data from user data and all of that. I just need a root partition and I'll handle everything else on my own. Unfortunately, that means Ubuntu gives you a <256MB /boot partition. That's not enough. »

radon: The "low-power" server build

Deep in the bowels of my basement is a 42U rack, which formerly housed the fully operational battle station that was my office's online presence at the University of Minnesota. Alas, we were all told we couldn't have our own server rooms anymore and our server rack and its contents were sent to the Reuse Center to find a new loving home. I was able to snag the rack and it is now sitting mostly empty, except for one nice little 2U server that powers most of the important pieces of my network—including this blog. »

Ghost: The Blog That Could

I've been looking for a Markdown-based blog that could be used with a minimum of fuss to write small things in. Ghost is one entry in the litany of entrants. Written in JavaScript and running in Node.js, it seems like I might have finally found what I'm looking for. »

Branching out on my own (Git it?)

Lately I've been working with Git. Git is a revision control system, along the lines of CVS or Subversion. It has two main advantages: it is a distributed RCS meaning it allows for decentralized revision control and it does branching and merging quite well. It also happens to be the brainchild of Linus Torvalds, of Linux fame. »

iPhone 3G, New SDK Features

Sometime in March, my Razr was on its last legs and I wasn't held down to any contract, so I started my search for a phone that would let me install software on it. The iPhone was the closest thing to it--the Palm and Blackberry options didn't appeal to my programming tastes and I was intrigued by the touch interface. Knowing the SDK was coming out, I took the plunge and bought it. However, it appears I bought my iPhone prematurely. »

Sony Vaio VGN-SZ791N/X Notes

I just got a new Vaio to replace my dead Toshiba laptop on February 4th, 2008. The following are the installation notes and thoughts about my Sony Vaio VGN-SZ791N/X from someone new to the Sony Vaio family of laptops. Long story short: recent Linux distributions will work, and it has a lot of untapped potential. »

I am allergic to spam.

One of my uncle's friends, Marc Breitsprecher, runs an internet business from his home selling ancient coins. Back in 2000, before I even started my undergrad, he approached me and asked if I could build a web site for him. Previously, he was just selling his coins on eBay. »